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For 18 years, I lived in a rural area of Poland to raise my children after moving from the USA with my husband. During that time, I discovered that Polish people always have a wide variety of herbal teas available, even when everything else is limited in variety. At first I didn’t know why, but when the doctor prescribed chamomile and anise tea for my baby I learned that Polish people were using the teas to cure their ailments.
The Polish medical practices of today are often rooted in their historical traditions. For example, they use suction cups on patient’s backs to draw out toxins. Another interesting difference is the centuries-old tradition of drinking spring water of various natural mineral contents. People journey to spa towns for their health to drink stinky water and breathe the fresh mountain air. Also, Poles are partial to honey, claiming the many health benefits of various products of bees.
The Poles’ knowledge of herbal medicine dates back to their Slavic ancestors. Open-air museums throughout Poland demonstrate how medieval and pagan people lived. Among the dwellings of the ancients, there was always an herbalist who used their knowledge to cure people. Later, when Christianity came to Poland, the monks became the keepers of herbal traditions. Today, in Poland there are quite a few of these monastic brand names of herbal remedies. By the 17th c. Polish universities kept compilations of the records of herbalists which contributed to our modern pharmaceuticals. But all along, the common folk remedies were still in use perpetuated through oral tradition.
During the early part of the 20th century, tea bars became popular. Health-conscious people would gather to drink herbal teas rather than join the beer and vodka drinking crowds. The first herbal tea company began during the communist era, paying people money to gather wild herbs and dry them. Tea products were sold in pharmacies, and were assigned a number, based on popularity of the herbal tea. Peppermint, the favorite of the Poles, was always #1. Now many of these herbal teas are sold in grocery stores all across Poland, and it seems that Poles don’t need to be told which one they should take to help their health problems. They know because of the wisdom handed down to them by their grandparents.
For me, I realized many years ago when my children were young, I couldn’t afford to be sick, so I searched for the best way to stay healthy. I learned that sugar consumption causes increased triglycerides which lowers the immune system, and increases candida, leading to inflammation and cancer. High triglycerides, if left unchecked can cause diabetes and heart disease. Being sick all the time was a good indication that debilitating diseases were just a few years away. In my case, all the symptoms were similar to hypothyroidism brought on by too much sugar in my diet. There were just so many reasons to limit sugar, that I had to change my diet, starting with what I was drinking. At that time I was drinking mainly 100% fruit Juices, bought from the store, which I thought were healthy. But I learned fruit juices contain high fructose which, by removing the pulp and processing them, affect your body in the same way sugar does because it no longer has fiber to balance the absorption. Bottled drinks is how Western society consumes most of its sugar! Tea, on the other hand, provided a wonderful way to limit sugar intake, and it was easy to quickly eliminate sugar from all my drinks. My symptoms of hypothyroidism disappeared while I was enjoying sugar-free chamomile and lemon balm tea.
I soon discovered many other safe herbal teas that I found delicious. The wonderful, accidental thing that also happened with the herbal tea combination I was enjoying was that it eliminated my desire for caffeine!
So I invite you to discover along with me, the properties of these wonderful herbs that may help us rid ourselves of negative addictions, such as sugar and caffeine, and restore balance and harmony to our bodies!


Disclaimer: I am not a medical professional, nor am I providing medical advice.  The herbs I discuss are generally considered safe.   I am not claiming to prevent or cure anything. My research comes from traditional use as well as health studies.

Bringing you nature's best!


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Bringing You Nature's Best!

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